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Wentworth's WagerEdit

Loser goes first and has the oppotunity to draft a card into one of two slots. ? In the case of the Fool, those slots are the fifth and sixth slots horizontally; for the Heiress, she has slots one and two horizontally. ? This is critical as after your slide of the cards to begin your second turn, you will then elevate the chosen card into one of your two potential slots, meaning that the second card would either replace your first card, or slot into your other open slot. ? As a result, you need to choose your slide movements carefully.

Points tableEdit

Bane Balm Boon
Taciturn 12 66 120
Demented 15 69 123
Suspicious 18 72 126
Forlorn 21 75 129
Pugnaceous 24 78 132
Bellicose 27 81 135
Overwhelmed 30 84 138
Foreboding 33 87 141
Obstinate 36 90 144
Exhausted 39 93 147
Distracted 42 96 150
Timorous 45 99 153
Forgetful 48 102 156
Enraged 51 105 159
Callow 54 108 162
Paranoid 57 111 165
Woebegone 60 114 168
Iniquitous 63 117 171

Bane CoupletsEdit

Taciturn Ace of Wands Book of Thoth 12
Demented Two of Wands Ace of Wands 15
Suspicious Three of Wands Two of Wands 18
Forlorn Four of Wands Three of Wands 21
Pugnaceous Five of Wands Four of Wands 24
Bellicose Six of Wands Five of Wands 27
Overwhelmed Seven of Wands Six of Wands 30
Foreboding Eight of Wands Seven of Wands 33
Obstinate Nine of Wands Eight of Wands 36
Exhausted Ten of Wands Nine of Wands 39
Distracted Page of Wands Ten of Wands 42
Timorous Knight of Wands Page of Wands 45
Forgetful Queen of Wands Knight of Wands 48
Enraged King of Wands Queen of Wands 51
Callow The Fool King of Wands 54
Paranoid The Prince The Fool 57
Woebegone Seven of Pentacles The Prince 60
Iniquotous Book of Thoth Seven of Pentacles 63

Balm CoupletsEdit

Taciturn Firegrass Rottenroot 66
Demented Eagleberry Firegrass 69
Suspicious Sandpepper Eagleberry 72
Forlorn Hogsalt Sandpepper 75
Pugnaceous Jackclover Hogsalt 78
BellicoseNightclawJackclover 81
Overwhelmed Toadsilk Nightclaw 84
Foreboding Peepfeather Toadsilk 87
Obstinate Monkthistle Peepfeather 90
Exhausted Goosebane Monkthistle 93
Distracted Wormsfoot Goosebane 96
Timorous Angelpike Wormsfoot 99
Forgetful Bungleweed Angelpike 102
Enraged Oysterbeard Bungleweed 105
Callow Cankerspore Oysterbeard 108
Paranoid Dungthorn Cankerspore 111
Woebegone Lynchwort Dungthorn 114
Iniquotous Rottenroot Lynchwort 117

Boon CoupletsEdit

Taciturn Ace of Wands Firegrass 120
Demented Two of Wands Eagleberry 123
Suspicious Three of Wands Sandpepper 126
Forlorn Four of Wands Hogsalt 129
Pugnaceous Five of Wands Jackclover 132
Bellicose Six of Wands Nightclaw 135
Overwhelmed Seven of Wands Toadsilk 138
Foreboding Eight of Wands Peepfeather 141
Obstinate Nine of Wands Monkthistle 144
Exhausted Ten of Wands Goosebane 147
Distracted Page of Wands Wormsfoot 150
Timorous Knight of Wands Angelpike 153
Forgetful Queen of Wands Bungleweed 156
Enraged King of Wands Oysterbeard 159
Callow The Fool Cankerspore 162
Paranoid The Prince Dungthorn 165
Woebegone Seven of Pentacles Lynchwort 168
Iniquotous Book of Thoth Rottenroot 171

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