Note: I am beginning to suspect that the solutions to each part of this puzzle are randomized somehow (e.g. different per game or per game session). I have found that each part of the puzzle has an ideal solution of exactly 4 cards, and the solutions someone else posted below don't match mine. Therefore, I believe those 4 cards won't be the same for each person, so it may not be possible to include a 100% solution for this puzzle.

That said, once you know that the solutions all consist of 4 cards, it is a simple case of trial and error to solve each part. Note: in the ideal 4-card solutions, no card ever needs to be shifted more than once.

However, until the "random" theory is determined for sure, I have noted the specific cards that worked in my case:

Part 1 (The Empress)

The Star, The Hermit, Strength, The Devil

Part 2 (The Star)

High Priestess, The Magician, The Hermit, The Hierophant

Part 3 (Justice)

High Priestess, The Magician, The Star, Death

Part 4 (Strength)

The Star, The Chariot, High Priestess, Death

Part 5 (The Lovers)

The Empress, The Chariot, Justice, The Hermit

Part 6 (The Devil)

Death, Justice, The Empress, The Magician

Part 7 (Death)

The Lovers, The Hermit, Death, The Devil

Part 8 (The Hermit)

The Lovers, The Magician, The Star, The Hierophant

Part 9 (The Chariot)

The Star, Strength, The Empress, The Hermit

Part 10 (The Magician)

Strength, Justice, The Magician, The Chariot

Part 11 (The Hierophant)

Justice, The Hermit, The Chariot, The Empress

Part 12 (High Priestess)

High Priestess, The Star, Justice, The Hermit

Keyboard Solution:

There is another way to manipulate the cards beyond clicking on them - for each part, one of 12 "random" letters on the keyboard will activate a card as if you clicked on it. You will need to check all of the letters on your keyboard and write down which 12 are used. Each set of 12 "random" letters can produce ONE four-letter word. Reset the cards to their original state for the part you are working on, and then type in that four-letter word. Amazingly, the four moves that correspond with the four letters in that word is the solution to that part!

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