For the majority of the game, the Finale screen represents an incomplete ending to the story. The true finale will not unlock until the rest of the game has been completed. Once all of the puzzles on The Completed Moon's Maphave been solved, the Finale will transform into a puzzle.

The puzzle is similar to the four "Knowledge" (N) puzzles in the main game. The "help" menu states "Select the Ghosts Seventeen Times to Reveal a Hidden Message". The goal is to select the ghosts in the correct order to build a phrase. Clicking a ghost adds 1-2 letters to either the front or back of the phrase. However, this puzzle is different from the previous "Knowledge" puzzles in that 17 selections must be made, but there are only 7 ghosts to select. This means that several of the ghosts need to be selected multiple times. Once certain ghosts have been clicked once, clicking them again will produce another set of letters.

The actions for each of the 7 ghosts (and for each of the 3 possible clicks), in order, are as follows (where "--" represents the partial text of the phrase that has already been built):

    Click 1    Click 2    Click 3
1.  -- NP      T  --       -- D
2.  -- N       DH --       OL --
3.  MO --      IS --
4.  -- OO      HE --
5.  FO --      -- TE
6.  -- AR      -- AR
7.  -- EY      -- ES       AN --

To solve the puzzle, you first need to figure out what the final phrase is by examining the possibilities in the available letters. When you have determined what the statement should be, start in the middle of the phrase and alternate adding text to the front and back, building it out from the center.

Hint: The final phrase is a well-known proverb.

Note: I am unsure as to whether the ghost actions above are randomized per individual game. The above is the order from my game. If yours is different, simply write the actions down in order, as above, as they appear in your game.

The Finale Spoilers

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